Using video as a tool to support education, reinforce cultural identity, and encourage public participation is on the rise. The question then is, why choose the video to make a social change?

Based on the context, then the video is really just a tool (the same as the tools / other media) in the overall process of awareness for the purpose of social change in the community. In other words, the video itself is not the main goal and not the end result that matters. This is what distinguishes between video community with video / film more commercial. Commercial video makers consider their work was done when the tapes selesasebagai a work. In contrast, another community video-makers embarked on a mission that actually when the video has finished. They will use the video as a tool to initiate processes at the center of public discussion related to the themes and issues raised in the video. Program objective are: Identify personal experiences using the video as a “tools” for social statement and improve the participants capacity for using the video for social change.